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Like umentioned above, levitra may not be a primary disease, but a consequence of some other pathological process.

This suggests that for its diagnosis, other studies may be needed, used, for example, for the diagnosis and during the treatment of diabetes mellitus or heart disease. So do not be alarmed if, instead of directly dealing with the focus of your dissatisfaction, the doctor directs you for an ultrasound examination of the heart or offers to record a cardiogram.

No matter how voluminous the list of diagnostic measures is, in any case it is made to prescribe an adequate treatment for the pathological process that led to levitra.

In terms of symptomatic treatment, PDE5 inhibitors are the drugs of choice today. In addition to the well-known Viagra, this group also includes Levitra, Cialis and Dynamico. The mechanism of action of these drugs is to increase the flow of blood to the genitals. The effect of taking them is lightning fast, but unfortunately, such medications do not eliminate the root cause of the disease. That is, taking Viagra, a person is not cured, but only regains sexual power for the duration of the drug's action.

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As a rule, taking powerful medications is recommended in the late and advanced stages, when other methods of treatment are simply powerless.

If the disease is detected in the early stages, then you can try to restore the man's strength and self-confidence. For this, herbal preparations are used, such as Eurekoma and Ginseng.

A specialist in this area is a sex therapist, but if there is no such doctor in your city, then a urologist can also help.

In addition, massage and psychotherapy are actively used.

Recently, invasive methods of treating dysfunction of the reproductive system have become very popular, during which injections of drugs are used into the urethra and cavernous bodies of the penis.

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And only in extremely advanced cases are prostheses and vacuum devices for the penis used.


Their action can hardly be called curative, since these drugs return exclusively the ability to perform sexual intercourse, without subsequent ejaculation and sexual satisfaction.

levitra is one of the few conditions where lifestyle and nutrition are more important than the treatment itself. Those who have noticed even the slightest symptoms of this pathology or, conversely, do not want to see them in the near future, should lead a healthy lifestyle, not abuse alcohol and not smoke. Any drugs, even if they are from the head, should be taken strictly according to the doctor's recommendations. This is due to the fact that many of the current drugs have an extremely negative effect on potency.

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There is no need to talk about rehabilitation after the treatment of levitra, since there is no clear boundary when it is possible to say that the disease has been stopped. Moreover, most of the methods of treatment that are used during intercourse are already rehabilitation measures in themselves.


An equally important role is played by regular sex life, the lack or excess of which leads to an unavoidable dysfunction of the regulation of sexual desire. In addition, all hypertensive or diabetics, as well as those who have received even the slightest trauma to the pelvic area, should immediately consult a urologist.

If, despite all the warnings, you could not maintain your masculine strength and noticed symptoms of levitra in yourself, you should not be ashamed of this problem, especially resorting to alternative methods of treatment. Of course, nothing bad will happen from the fact that you drink a bucket of diuretic tea, but nothing good can be expected from such treatment.


On the contrary, hesitating to go to the doctor, you further aggravate your problem, which can then lead to irreparable levitra.

Also, some traditional healers offer to "strengthen" the penis with paraffin, which is injected with a syringe into the corpus cavernosum of the organ or directly under its skin. But probably no man would agree to such an operation, knowing about all its levitra.


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